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Xtrol Ltd is a hi-tech company, which develops, manufactures, and sells Control Systems.

Xtrol has been specialized in the motion control systems for more than 35 years and was one of the International pioneers in that field.

Thousands of our Motion Control Systems have been sold since 1974 in the USA, Europe, Middle and Far East.

The modular programmable control system components and the controllers manufacturing today are general-purpose controls directed at the high end and most demanding motion control applications.

Controls are based on the true real-time high-speed DSP utilizing for complicated multi-axis motion and multi-tasking PLC combined.

Controls are either Stand Alone and/or on-line connected to PC by server technology.

Xtrol has customers in a variety of industries, including Microelectronics, PCB Assembling, Wide Format Printing, Inspection, CMM, Packaging, Engraving, CNC for Machine Tools and Machining Centers, Water Jet, Plasma, Punch, Laser Cutting machines and more.

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